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Year 6

In Flander's Field by John McCrae

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Welcome back to your child's final term at Parkgate Primary School.


For the first half of this half term the focus is on supporting the children to get ready for their SATs test. Alongside this we will be making sure that the childen continue to take part in PE and other curriculum subjects such as Art and History. Once SATs are over there will be a much stronger focus on Foundation subjects and practising our end of year performance - Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies! We also have our residential to look forward to. Please see below for dates and times.


As a school we appreciate that some year 6 children are being allowed to walk to and from school o their own to develop their independence. If your child is walking home alone, please can you confirm this in writing. Some of these children are also bring mobile phones to school. These must not be used on school premises, including in clubs at the beginning and end of the school day, and will be collected first thing in the morning and kept in the school office and then collected at the end of the day.



Key Dates for this term.


Wednesday 17th April Easter Experience, St Thomas' Church
Monday 13th May SATs week
Tuesday 21st May Plas Meeting for Parents - 5.30pm
Monday 17th June to Friday 21st June Plas Caerdeon Residential
Monday 15th July and Tuesday 16th July Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies Performances (evening)
Tuesday 23rd July Leavers Assembly - 2pm



13th May  2019 – KS2 SATs week.

During this week the children will be having their SAT tests in Reading, Spelling Punctuation and Grammar and Maths. It is really important that the children have plenty of sleep that week, and arrive at school promptly. Please keep your child’s absences during the run up to SATs at a minimum. We are well into our revision program now and the teaching is focused on what the practise papers show we need to go over.


The timetable for the papers is:


Monday  13th May Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Paper
Tuesday 14th May Reading
Wednesday 15th May Maths Paper 1 - Arithmetic, Maths paper 2 - Reasoning.
Thursday 16th May Maths Paper 3 - Reasoning


The final writing levels are awarded in June so it is important that after the test week the children remain focused on their school work.


For homework  sections of papers will be set as homework to help the children practise. There is currently a homework club on a Thursday lunchtime which the children are welcome to attend.




SATs Information Evening

Plas Caerdeon


The dates for this year's Plas Caerdeon Trip are the 17th June 2019 to 21nd June 2019. Once again this trip will be offered to Year 5 and Year 6.  There is a meeting for Parents on 21st May at 5.30pm to discuss this.



Plas Caerdeon Parents Information


Each week children will be given English, Maths and Grammar, Spelling and Punctaution (GPS) homework. The homework will be sent out on a Wednesday and due in on a Monday. Spelling will be posted on the link below, along with other homework when this is appropriate. Mr Hewson and I will be running a homework club on a Thursday lunchtime when children can choose to do their homework in school time. It is still extremely important that children continue to practise their tables and read regularly.



After half term our focus is the local area of Parkgate and Neston. We shall be looking at how physical and human geography are interrelated. A focus will be on map work and we shall be learning to read maps and how to use grid refereneces. We shall be also be learning how to use a compass.




This half term we are studying the Ancient Greeks and their impact on life today. As part of this we will be looking at the different ways of life in Athens and Sparta and the start of democracy. This topic will link to our Art and English as we look at Greek artifacts and Myths and Legends.



Once SATs is over we shall be studying Hinduism. We have already touched on this when we looked at creation stories in the Spring Term. 


In Science this  term we are studying Humans and Other Animals. We look at how the heart and the lungs work and the double circulatory system. We shall investigate how our heart reacts to excercise and how to keep ourselves healthy. As part of this we shall be looking how drugs and alchol affect our bodies.


After half term we are studying Electricity. We shall be looking at how to construct different serial and parallel circuits. We are taking part in a project run by Neston High School on sustainable housing which will include looking at solar energy.






Linking with our History, we shall be looking at Greek Myths and Legends this half term. We sahll be lookig at a few stories in depth and have a go at writing our own myths.


After half term we will be learning about mystery stories and be using The Water Tower by Gary Crew to inspire our writing.


This half term we are focuing on SATs preparation, both in the writing and in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. There is plenty of support materials for parents in the SATs resources section on this page. I would particularly recommend the  document at the end of this section  that explains all the terminology the children need to know at the end of Year 6.


We will continue to be giving out weekly spelling homework. This will include spellings from the whole of Key Stage 2 as these will be tested at the end of the Year. In the children's Reading Reord Books there is a list of all the spellings that the children need to know, and be using in their work.


It is very important that the children continue to read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction regularly. Please can you support them in keeping their reading record books up-to-date and sign the books when they read so that we can record this our Reading Challenge board.  The children need to make sure that they have their Reading Record Books in school in on Wednesdays.


This half term the focu will be on preparing for SATs. We will be practising our mental and written calculations to ensure that these are secure. Remind the children to look at the maths videos of they need to recap a method.  Much of our time will be looking at past papers and using these to target the revision on the areas that the children need to revisit. 


After SATs the focus of our maths will be problem solving and 'bigger' problems that will go over a number of sessions.


Being fluent with our tables will really help us, so we shall continue our weeking Rainbow Tables challenge.

Art and Design Technology

In Art we will be looking at greek artifacts and using this to design and create our own greek urns.



After SATs we will be starting Samba classes with Music For Life.


PHSE and Sex Education

The Sex Education part of the curriculum will be delivered after half term. The sessions will cover how a baby is made. I will be available after school on Tuesday 7th May from 3.30pm until 4pm in Meerkats Classroom when you can come and look at the materials we will use if you wish. This session is not suitable for children to attend.



This half term we will be looking at coding using a program called Hour of Code.



In French we will be practising our vocabulary to learn talk about our families.


On Wednesdays Mr Kelly will be teaching outdoor games. Our second PE session delivered by S4YC on Tuesday. Make sure that you have PE kit in school on these days. While the weather is colder make sure you have a hat, gloves and a water bottle. Please make sure that all your kit is clearly labelled with your name.


This year a schools direct student, Mrs Jones, will be working alongside me in Rhinos class. Miss Phillips will be delivering Music and PE will be delivered by Mr Kelly and S4YC.