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Year 6

Year 6 Life

Welcome back to a new term, and your child’s last year at Parkgate Primary School. Year 6 is an important year for the children and one focus will be helping them to transfer smoothly to their next school. A part of this will be preparation for SATs, however, we shall also be encouraging the children to become more independent and take more responsibility for their personal organisation to help them when they get to Secondary School.

There are many roles that Year 6 carry out around the school such as being ‘buddies’ to the new children in reception, volunteering as playleaders and taking on jobs around the school. This year some jobs will be rotated so that all children who want a role can have one. The Year 6 also run their own stalls at the Christmas Fair. More details will be sent out about this after half term.


As a school, we appreciate that some year 6 children are being allowed to walk to and from school o their own to develop their independence. If your child is walking home alone, please can you confirm this in writing. Some of these children also bring mobile phones to school. These must not be used on school premises and will be collected first thing in the morning and kept in the school office and then collected at the end of the day.

Our Residential this year and will be going to Plas Caerdeon near Barmouth (  The dates for the residential are Monday 22th June 2016 to Friday 27th June 2020. I am currently costing the trip and will send out further information later in the term.


Academically there is a focus to ensure that the children are as well prepared as possible for the end of KS2 SATs. The curriculum in the Autumn and the Spring Term builds up to this and we will start our Revision Programme after February half term. The dates for the tests are Monday 11th May 2016 to Thursday 15th May 2020. There will be a parents meeting to discuss this further on Wednesday 25th September at 5.30 pm which will last about half an hour and more detailed information about the revision timetable will be sent out during the Spring Term.


Key Dates for this term.


Wednesday 11th September Swimming starts for Year 6
Wednesday 25th September SATs meeting for parents 5.30 pm
Friday 11th October Rivacre Trip
Thursday 8th November Crucial Crew



11th May  2020 – KS2 SATs week.

During this week the children will be having their SAT tests in Reading, Spelling Punctuation and Grammar and Maths. More details will be sent out in the Spring Term.





SATs Information Evening

Plas Caerdeon


The dates for this year's Plas Caerdeon Trip are the 22nd June 2020 to 26th June 2020. Once again this trip will be offered to Year 5 and Year 6. A small deposit will be requested before half term to guarantee your child a place. There will be a meeting for parents in the Summer Term.



Plas Caerdeon Parents Information


Each week children will be given English, Maths and Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (GPS) homework. The homework will be sent out on a Wednesday and due in on a Monday. Spellings will be coming home each night: more information will be sent out in the first few weeks. We will be practising our Rainbow Tables on a Thursday morning with Mrs. Gregg.  There is a homework club on a Thursday lunchtime when children can choose to do their homework in school time. It is still extremely important that children continue to practise their tables and read regularly.


This half term we shall be studying rivers. We will be looking at the features of rivers and how these develop. We shall also be looking at the impact of flooding in our own local area and comparing this to the impact of flooding in Bangladesh. On the 11th October we shall be going to Rivacre Park in Ellesmere Port to carry out field studies, getting wet is optional!



After half term, our topic is The Islamic Golden Age. This topic looks at the development of ancient Baghdad in 900AD and how the technological discoveries and inventions have impacted on our lives today. This gives us the opportunities to do plenty of hands-on activities as we try out some of these inventions ourselves. (Please start collecting Pringles tubes).



Mrs. Gregg will be taking the class for RE this year. This term she will be looking at Islam and studying the Ummah and the Hadith - the principles that Muslims live by. Nearer Christmas, the class will be looking at the different versions of the Christmas Story told in the Bible.


In Science this term we are studying the classification of living things. We shall look at how the scientific ideas of classification of living things have developed over time, starting with the ideas of Aristotle. There are plenty of opportunities to use the different environments around our school field and take our learning outside of the classroom.


After half term, we are studying Light. We shall be looking at how light travels and at the work of Sir Issac Newton using prisms.





For the first few weeks, we will be revising how to write information texts and using this to help us in our Geography.


Following this, we will be studying The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. This mystery/detective novel is set around the mysterious disappearance of Salim from a sealed pod on the London Eye. Was he kidnapped, has he run away or has he (as hoped by his cousin Ted) spontaneously combusted?


After half term, we will spend 2 weeks learning about poetry from World War 1. We shall learn some poems off by heart and perform them and then have a go at writing some ourselves.


Our final unit in the Autumn Term will be exploring Shakespeare's play, Macbeth. This will include plenty of drama opportunities, and maybe some mini-performances at the end.


It is very important that the children continue to read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction regularly. Please, can you support them in keeping their reading record books up-to-date and sign the books when they read so that we can record this our Reading Challenge board?  The children need to make sure that they have their Reading Record Books in school on Wednesdays.



The main focus for this term is to ensure that the children are secure in the four operations of number, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We shall be looking at a range of different informal strategies as well as standard written methods. The aim is that the children can choose the most appropriate method so that they can calculate quickly and accurately. We shall then apply these in different 'real' situations using measures and money.


There are videos in the section below to help you and your child practice the methods we are teaching in school. Please feel free to use these.


Being fluent with our tables will really help us, so we shall continue our weekly Rainbow Tables challenge.

Art and Design Technology

This half term we will be looking at the work of Picasso and creating self portraits in a cubist style. As well as this we will be studying his collage work and having a go at our own.



In the Spring Term Year 6 go to a classical concert for schools at the Liverpool Philharmonic. In preparation for this, we look at a range of traditional and modern classical music in the Autumn Term. This will include work by Anne Meridith on body percussion, Britten's Guide to the Orchestra, and the BBC's 10 pieces (



We are taking part in a day run by Cheshire West and Chester Crucial Crew. Crucial Crew is a multi-agency safety event aimed at Year 6 children (10 to 11-year-olds) designed to provide children with life skills that will enable them to keep themselves and others safe. The trip will take place on Thursday 28th November. There will be cost of about £8 for this trip to cover the transport. ore details will be sent out after half term.


This half term we will be looking at E-Safety.



In French, we will be practising our vocabulary to learn talk about our families.


Year 6 will be having PE on Tuesday and Wednesday this term. We are welcoming back Mr. Hall, who will take the Tuesday session, and Mr. Kelly will continue to take Wednesday's. On Wednesday this half term Year 6 will be swimming at 9.30 am.  Make sure that you have a PE kit in school on the correct days. While the weather is colder make sure you have a hat, gloves and a water bottle. Please make sure that all your kit is clearly labelled with your name.


Mrs. Gregg will be teaching the class on Thursday morning and PE will be delivered by Mr. Kelly and Mr. Hall.