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Year 5 Newsletter Spring 2020


Dear Parents,


I hope you have all had a relaxing Christmas break. I welcome you all back to Year Five at our school and I look forward to making progress with your child towards Year 6 and towards their time in Key Stage Three. The children have settled really well this year and I am confident of very positive outcomes academically and emotionally with this cohort.   




Our topic for this term will be Crime and Punishment. We will be studying History and Geography through this until the end of the Spring term. Our studies will look at the History of Crime and Punishment and more detailed map-work.



We will be looking at the properties and changes in materials in our Science work. This will include reactions, solubility, separation, heating and cooling, and how different materials react within differing situations and processes.  


There will be two PE sessions in each week so the children will require PE kit to cater for both indoor and outdoor activities. One session will be on a Tuesday afternoon and the other is on a Wednesday afternoon. I would like to stress the importance of PE kit being in school as many children have not been with kit as required during last term.


In RE we will be studying The Lord's Prayer and The Creed in the build up to Easter.




The homework will be sent out on a Wednesday and due in on the following Monday.  Mrs. Watkins and I will be running a homework club on a Thursday lunchtime when children can choose to do their homework in school time. It is extremely important that children continue to practise their tables and read regularly. The 'My Maths' has proved a really useful tool for homework and general practice of what we had been doing in class over the last four years. It consolidates Mathematical methods and makes the learning and interaction more fun for the children at home. I intend to continue with this during this academic year. Please use this as often as possible. It will impact positively on your child's progress. 



In English, we will be looking at the story of The Highwayman.  Opportunities to write include:


  • Setting descriptions

  • Character descriptions

  • Persuasive letters

  • Diary entries

  • Newspaper reports

  • Alternative endings 

  • Non chronological reports

  • Information texts

  • Formal letters

  • information booklets



We will be creating our extended writing through our topic of Crime and Punishment giving the children lots of creative and interesting information for them to improve their Spelling, Grammar and text construction through research and analysis of the topic and the previously mentioned varying genres. 

These opportunities form an interesting and varied list and I will endeavour to keep writing opportunities as interesting as possible.


As always, please continue to read regularly with your child as this really helps their comprehension skills and improves their understanding of English Grammar and spelling patterns. I would stress to parents of our class to discuss anything the children have read in any one session with them at home to improve their comprehension skills. This has to be a focus for us moving forward through the year and also towards their personal preparation regarding the reading test at the end of Year Six. Reading helps massively with the children's writing. 


If you can find the time please read with your child and ask them the meaning of the text they have read. The children need to find evidence for their reasoning within the text.


Spellings that come home will come from the Year Five National Curriculum requirements.



In Maths this half term we will be looking at the Multiplication, Division and Fractions. Please work on your child's understanding of fractions at home to support us in school. This is a notoriously difficult area of Maths for children and your support really does count.


We will ultimately be problem-solving with the skills learnt.  

In preparation for the work on fractions and the end of year tests here is a signpost to a useful tool for you at home.


This uses the Singapore Bar Model to help your child understand and unpick problems in a logical and systematic way. You may wish to have a play in anticipation of the end of year assessments.



As we enter second term of the academic year I would appreciate your support and encourage you to speak to me directly should there be anything to discuss. Please feel free to speak to me at the beginning or end of the day so that I can deal with any issues that you may have as quickly as possible. This makes for good communication and relations between us all and keeps things positive and forward moving throughout the year. Good communication between myself (as a teacher) and yourselves (as parents) leads to your children being in the frame of mind where they are ready to learn. 


As always, I will strive to keep your children happy at school, encourage a love of learning and to equip them with a passion for their future time in Year Six and High School.


Many Thanks


Mr. S. Hewson


Spring Term 2019