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What do our pupils have to say about English?

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Have a listen to some of our incredible writing too!

What do our pupils have to say about English?

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Listen to our incredible Great Fire of London Diary Entries

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The Parkgate Vision


Our Vision for English is –


We want all pupils at Parkgate Primary to read easily, fluently, with good understanding and develop a love of reading.


We want all of our pupils to read widely and regularly both in school and outside for both pleasure and information.


We want our pupils to develop an appreciation of the breadth of literature written by English authors so that they develop an appreciation of our rich literary heritage.


We strive to ensure that all children acquire a wide and rich vocabulary, and understanding of grammar and an awareness of linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language.


We wish our pupils to write clearly and accurately across a range of genre for a variety of purposes and for different audiences.


We want our pupils to be able to discuss their learning and explain clearly their understanding and ideas.


We want our children to become competent speakers and listeners to enable them to make formal presentations and participate in debates.


Reading Reward Scheme


In order to motivate children to read at home, we have a reading reward scheme.


If a child has read 5 times out of 7 in a week (to an adult at home) and has had their reading record signed, they receive a stamp. They collect stamps in order to achieve certain rewards:


10 stamps = Bronze certificate.

20 stamps =Silver certificate.

30 stamps =Gold certificate.


Some children achieve above these rewards and receive Platinum and Diamond awards. These certificates are presented to the children in praise assembly.




In order to promote writing at home, we have introduced home – writing homework where the class teacher will set an exciting writing task for the children to complete as homework. This task could be related to any subject across the curriculum for e.g. to write a character description about a dragon for English or to write a Report about snakes for Science. The task could even be a research task to help the class teacher with a lesson that is coming up or lesson they would like to extend into a writing opportunity. This also gives you (parent/careers) the opportunity to discuss ideas/plans with your children. Home - writing is celebrated in praise assembly where teachers often give out certificates and give a special mention to children who have done a great piece and shown real enthusiasm and pride in their work.


How do we teach English writing?


At Parkagte Primary School we absolutely love teaching writing and believe it is vital that children are fully engaged and excited by the writing opportunities that are presented to them. For that reason, we plan our English topics through rich and varied texts. We engage every pupil through extensive planning and appropriate challenge providing opportunities for every child to strive and reach their full potential.


Pupil voice has shown that children love the way English writing is being taught than to previous years and love having a book or video clip that helps them to build vocabulary and write their super sentences that build into stories or other text types. They also love to magpie ideas from Authors!



Writing across the curriculum


This year we are focusing on writing across the curriculum and one exciting way to do this, is to hook the children in and get them excited about their topics for the half term. The hooks may include an outreach team coming into school and working alongside teachers to deliver an exciting lesson, teachers taking children out locally in and around Parkgate, private companies delivering workshops at school and other trips class teachers have organised. This will help our children to fully immerse in the topic and draw out skills and experiences which they can use in their writing. Be sure to check out class pages for the exciting workshop and trips each year group will be undertaking this year!


The teachers and I have worked hard to plan in suggested writing opportunities across the curriculum for each half term that relate specifically to the topics being taught. Teachers are expected to choose at least three writing opportunties and plan these in.

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