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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Teaching Staff

Picture 1 A. Hutchings Headteacher
Picture 2 T. Watkins Deputy Headteacher and Year 6 Teacher
Picture 3 S. Hewson Year 5 Teacher
Picture 4 J. Rashid Year 4 Teacher
Picture 1 C. McKeown Year 3 Teacher
Picture 1 P. Simon Year 2 Teacher
Picture 2 S. Morris Year 1 Teacher
Picture 3 M.Gregg Year 1 Teacher
Picture 4 J. Foster Reception Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Picture 1 L. Holden: Learning Mentor
Picture 2 M. Hibbert: HLTA
Picture 3 D. Davies: Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 O.Noonan: Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 K.Knight: Teaching Assistant

Sports Coach

Picture 1 P.Kelly

Office & Support Staff

Picture 1 V.Costain: School Business Manager
Picture 2 A.Wheatley Admin Assistant
Picture 3 L.Clarke Admin Assistant
Picture 1 S.Wilson: Midday Assistant
Picture 2 A.Buckley: Midday Assistant
Picture 3 K.Pugh: Midday Assistant
Picture 4 J.Genoglu: Midday Assistant
Picture 5 A. Fryearson: Catering Supervisor
Picture 6 J.Derby: Catering Assistant
Picture 7 J.Bowers: Catering Assistant
Picture 1 D. Davies: Cleaner
Picture 2 P.Costain: Caretaker