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RE and Worldviews

Statement of intent

Parkgate Primary recognises the effect that an inclusive teaching style can have on a pupils’ progress, both inside and outside of the school environment. At our school, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, in accordance with the locally-agreed syllabus of Cheshire West and Chester. 

The school has created this policy in order to ensure that:

  • All pupils are provided with a balanced and broad curriculum which encompasses the traditions of Great Britain as well as a variety of other mainstream religions and beliefs. 
  • All staff members are aware of planning, assessment, teaching and learning requirements for the RE curriculum. 
  • All pupils know how to plan, practise and evaluate their work. 
  • All pupils understand all elements of RE, as per the locally-agreed curriculum. 
  • All pupils receive a high level of teaching which is maintained at all times. 
  • Community cohesion and high standards of achievement are promoted.
  • Progression of academic achievement occurs consistently throughout the key stages

RE & Worldviews Overview EYFS - Yr 6

End Points


To introduce a variety of faiths and world views, through stories and role-play

Key Stage 1

To become aware that there is more than one religion and different peoples have different ways of following their faith and beliefs.

Key Stage 2

To use a variety of source materials to help the children understand the faiths and beliefs  of others. Use this information to make connections between different stories / sayings and what they teach followers of different religions / worldviews.

To have an empathy for the religious and non-religious views held by members of our society and use these to explore and make personal informed responses to ultimate questions.

Father Crinks from St Mary's and St Helen's visited our Lion Cubs.

On Friday 5th May Parkgate held a Sikh Day. We explored Sikhism through a variety of festivals, its music, food and artefacts.

On Wednesday 22nd March Year 6 visited St Thomas' church to investigate the Easter story.

On 8th December our Year 5 children went to St Thomas' Church to celebrate the Christmas story.

on 9th November Y3 visited St Mary and St Helen's Church in Neston to visit their Creation to Resurrection exhibition and Y2 went along as well to look at symbols.

tigers have been taking their RE lessons outside. They have been exploring the parables of Jesus.

Jaguars and Rhinos have been visited by Mr Harkirat Singh from The Sikh Education Service to share his choice of being a Sikh.

Tigers have used our outdoor environment as part of their Creation topic.

Tigers visited St Thomas' Church as part of their Belonging topic.

Lemurs visited the United Reformed Church in Parkgate to look at church artefacts.

Lion Cubs have been investigating their Bible stories in many different ways.

Lemurs have been using drama retelling the story of Esther.

On 6th May Parkgate held an Eid Day. The children took part in lots of traditional Eid activities from cricket to fruit chaat to Bollywood dancing!.

For our Interfaith Week (10th - 14th February 2020) our school were visited by the West Cheshire Interfaith Harmony Group. We had visitors from a variety of faiths and views who came to talk to our children. All the children took part in preparing a dish form a faith which they had studied.