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Tigers - Year 1

Welcome to Tiger Class!

Spring 2


Tigers, welcome back! I am really looking forward to another fun half term with you all!



English this half term will be text led, focusing on the book ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies.


By the end of this topic, all children will be able to:

  • Use ‘and’ to join words and clauses.

Children who are working deeper will:

  • Use ‘and’ to effectively join two pieces of information.
  • Use the suffixes -s, -es, -er, -est, -ing and -ed accurately, where no change is needed to the root word.

Read, Write, Inc

Phonics will take place daily, following the Read, Write, Inc. scheme. These lessons will incorporate learning phonics sounds, reading, writing and spelling.


Our maths focus this half term is place value (to 50) and measurement. 

By the end of term, the children will be able to:

  • Count to 50 forwards and backwards.
  • Understand tens and ones. 
  • Find one more and one less up to 50.
  • Compare and order numbers within 50.
  • Count in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Compare, describe and solve practical problems for lengths and heights, mass/weight and capacity and volume.


Our Science topic for this half term is ‘Animals including humans’. We will be looking at the differences between animals, classifying them in different ways including by what they eat and the environment in which they live in, comparing their bodies, naming parts of their bodies, naming a variety of domestic animals and sorting pictures of living and non-living things.

Our vocabulary for this term is - fish, reptiles, mammals, birds, amphibians, herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, leg, elbow, arm, head, ear, nose, back, wings, beak.


We will also be continuing with our ‘Seasons’ topic by looking at the season of spring.

The vocabulary for this topic is - summer, autumn, winter, spring, sun, day, moon, night, light, dark.

We have a science star each week. Somebody who added something special to our lessons or completed a super piece of work.


In Geography, we will be looking seas and coasts around the world. During this topic, the children will:

  • Name the 4 seas that surround the UK.
  • Identify human and physical features of British beaches.
  • Compare a British beach with one from another country.
  • Use compass points to move around a map.
  • Identify the equator, North Pole and South Pole on a globe.


In DT, our topic will be ‘Seaside Snacks’. During this topic, the children will:

  • Understand where food comes from.
  • Prepare different types of fruit.
  • Follow instructions to make a savoury snack.
  • Make fruit sculptures.
  • Make edible cake decorations.
  • Design a seaside picnic.


Our Big Question for Spring 2 is, ‘What did Jesus try to teach people when telling stories?’. We will be looking at a variety of parables that Jesus told and investigating them through outdoor education. We will also be looking at the Easter story. 


In Computing, we will be collecting data and creating graphs. Throughout this topic, the children will learn how to take screenshots, save their work, use a search engine to find images, gather data, represent information using pictures and use a graph to answer questions.


Our PSHE topic will be based on the book 'My World, Your World’. Throughout this topic, the children will learn that they share a world with lots of people. We will also be exploring family life and homes in different countries.



PE will take place on Mondays and Fridays. This half term the children will be doing Rugby Tots and Target Games. Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school each day.


In music, the children will be learning how to play the ocarina with Mr Jollife. 


Mrs Gregg will be teaching the children on Thursday afternoons during my PPA.


Homework will be set on Google Classroom. There will be weekly spellings linked to the Read, Write, Inc. sounds learnt in class. There will also be a maths activity to consolidate the learning from the week. Sometimes there will be other activities to complete linked to the learning from the week. This will be set online on a Friday and needs to be submitted by the following Thursday.


A reading book will be sent home each week. Please read these books more than once if possible to increase fluency. You will change this every Friday so please make sure your reading book is brought back on this day.

There will also be a book set online that you have been reading in school, so you will be familiar with it. Please read this more than once and complete the tasks at the end.


Water bottles

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school each day.


If anyone has any questions they would like to ask me, please email me at


Many thanks,

Miss Morris