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Jaguars - Year 4


Hello Jaguars! I know you really enjoyed listening to a daily story at school so Angus has very kindly chosen the book above (which we both think will give everyone a good laugh) and he will be reading a chapter a day to you all.


Once you have listened to each chapter, please e-mail me or post on facebook your thoughts on the story: what was your favourite bit? what do you think about the characters so far? what do you think about the story so far? which bit made you laugh? what other feelings have you felt and why? You could even record a little video of yourself and send it in!


The Bolds: The blurb!


Mr and Mrs Bold are just like you and me: they live in a nice house (in Teddington), they have jobs (like writing Christmas cracker jokes) and they love to have a bit of a giggle. One slight difference: they're hyenas. Yes, that's right - they're covered in fur, have tails tucked into their trousers, and they really, really like to laugh.


So far, the Bolds have managed to keep things under wraps, even when their children Bobby and Betty were born. But the nosy man next door smells a rat (or a hyena), and a trip to the local wildlife park, and the brilliantly wacky heist that results, could be the end of Teddington's best-kept secret. Whatever will the neighbours think?


The Bolds - Chapter 1

The Bolds - Chapter 2

The Bolds - Chapter 3

The Bolds - Chapter 4

The Bolds - Chapter 5

The Bolds - Chapter 6

Information about learning from home

Spelling Zone:


Click on the link below and you will find yourself on the oxford owl homepage, click on the 'My Class Login' button and log yourself in with 


username: jaguar class 4

password: parkgate


Once logged in you can click on the extra spelling practice zone which will lead you to our spelling page. In the tabs at the top, find year 4 and your spelling activities will be displayed and ready for you to have a go at!


Any problems, please e-mail me.