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Welcome to Jaguar Class :) 


Summer 1 Newsletter 2021

Welcome back Jaguars! I hope you've had a lovely Easter break. 


This page will give you an outline of all the topics we will be studying this half term. I have planned lots of fun and engaging lessons this half term and all I ask is that you work hard and get stuck in! Parents - If you have any questions/queries about anything then please e-mail me on 



This half term we will be studying a range of non fiction texts about Ancient Egypt. These link nicely with our guided reading, art, history and geography lessons. 


Guided Reading:

For Guided Reading, we will be reading Secrets Of A Sun King by Emma Carroll 



This book is a perfect accompaniment to an Ancient Egypt topic, as Emma Carroll takes us back to the excitement of discovering a tomb and explores the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun in excellent detail.

Secrets of a Sun King is set in London 1922 and tells the story of a girl called Lillian who travels to Egypt with her friends in a desperate attempt to save her Grandad.

Not only does this book provide lessons into the life of Ancient Egyptians, but also evokes feelings of compassion and humanity through its excellent plot as Emma Carroll delivers on historical fiction yet again.


We will be reading this chapter book and answering questions around the key reading areas:









This half term, we will be finishing off our Decimals where we will be covering these objectives


  • Recognise and write decimal equivalents to ¼ ½ and ¾.
  • Round decimals with one decimal place to the nearest whole number.
  • Compare numbers with the same number of decimal places up to two decimal places. 


Next we will begin our Money unit where we will cover the following objectives: 

  • Pounds and pence
  • Ordering money
  • Estimating money
  • Adding and subtracting money
  • Finding change
  • Money word problems
  • Four operations


To finish off the half term we will be moving onto Time!


Times Tables:

Times tables are really important and by the end of year 4 it is expected that you should recall your times tables up to 12 x 12. In school we will be playing daily times tables games and there will be a weekly times table challenge called Rainbow times tables (This is a timed test. You will progress through the colours once you achieve full marks on each colour) To help you achieve full marks ensure you practice your tables at home too. Click on the times tables icon at the bottom of this page for some useful websites and games.


Here is a link with more information about the times tables test:


Here is a link to Maths Frame.

This website gives you an example game of what the test will be like so you can practise one here as much as you like. You will have to get used to the time element - I do understand that the time element can upset some children and make them anxious but if we start now and practise as much as we can, we can build up their confidence for when it comes to the actual test. 


Science: Sound

We will explore the following objectives:

I can find patterns between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations that produced it.

I can identify how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating.
I can find patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that produced it.
I can recognise that sounds get fainter as the distance from the sound source increases.
I can recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear.
I can set up simple comparative tests.
Obtaining and Presenting Evidence
I can record findings using scientific language and using drawings and labelled diagrams.



PE will be taught by Mr Hall and Mr Kelly every Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can wear your full PE kit on these days. Can you also please remember to bring in spare socks and shoes/trainers in case we go out onto the field where it can be set and muddy. 



Our History topic this half term is called: Ancient Egypt


We will explore the following objectives:



I can  plot recent history on a timeline using centuries. (CU)

I can place periods of history on a timeline showing periods of time. (CU)

I can explain how events from the past have helped shape our lives. (KI)

I can understand that people who lived in the past cooked and travelled differently and used different weapons from ours. (KI)

I can independently, or as part of a group, present an aspect I have researched about a given period of history using multimedia skills when doing so. 

I can appreciate how items found belonging to the past are helping us to build up an accurate picture of how people lived in the past. (KI)



Art will be taught by Mrs Hibbert and this half term you will be looking at Printing by Karla Gerard

We will explore the following objectives:
  • I can print using at least four colours.
  • I can create an accurate print design.
  • I can print onto different materials.
  • I can create all the colours I need by colour mixing.



PSHE: Flower


Learning Intention:

To ask questions



Success Criteria:

I know that we all have choices.

I know why its good to learn about new and different things. 




Our focus for this half term will be Sikhism and we will be doing lots of activities and discussions around our big question: 


How do Sikh’s live life to the full and achieve good karma?


Computing – Spreadsheets



I can enter data into a spreadsheet, change data and observe changes in results.

I understand that spreadsheets perform calculations.

I understand that computing can create graphs for different purposes; some are more appropriate and easier to read than others.

I can read and interpret bar and line graphs created through data logging, to draw conclusions to experiments.

I can collect data from internet research, digital surveys and digital devices including data loggers and tablet devices.


I can enter data into a graphing package and use it to create a range of graphs, and to interpret data across all subjects.



Music: Composing notation: Egyptians

I can perform accurately from graphic notation using voices and instruments. (P)

I can identify how the key features of music are written down by following a score whilst listening. (L)

I can create a sound story using voices and instruments and notate it using hieroglyphs (C)


English homework will be set on Google Classrooms every Wednesday and expected back before the following Wednesday. 

Maths homework will be set every Wednesday on My Maths and expected to be completed by the following Wednesday. Children have been given a My Maths letter with login details so please keep these safe. If your child has trouble logging in at home, they are more than welcome to complete homework in school with me at lunchtimes.  


Reading Homework:

I will provide you with a levelled reading book for which you can keep at home, for a week. Please read your book as many times as possible over the week, even if you have finished it, read it again. This helps to build your fluency in reading. The Jaguar class will change their books every Thursday so please make sure your reading book is in school that day. Even if you haven't managed to finish the book please do still bring it in so we can check your progress with it.  


Mrs Rashid :)