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Welcome to Jaguar Class :) 


Spring Term 2 Newsletter 2024

Welcome back Jaguars, I hope you have had a lovely half term break!

This page will give you an outline of all the topics we will be studying this half term. I have planned lots of fun and engaging lessons this half term and all I ask is that you work hard and get stuck in! Parents - If you have any questions/queries about anything then please e-mail me on 



The children will be given a levelled book from Oxford Owl and this will be changed once a week. It’s important to re-read the book once finished as it will help to build reading skills for example being able to summarise, retrieve information, explain authors choice etc. Please ensure reading books are brought into school every day so that children can be listened to and work on their reading targets throughout the school week. 



This half term we will be focusing on a book called Leon and the Place Between.

Leon and his brothers and sister go to a magic show, but this is no ordinary show and Abdul Kazam is no ordinary magician.  We will use this story to help us write character descriptions, story settings, diary entries and finally a magical adventure story of our own!


Guided Reading:

For Guided Reading, we will be reading The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo Trying to run away from boarding school in England, a boy encounters an old woman who tells him the story of Bertie and his beautiful white lion.

We will be reading this chapter book and answers questions around the key reading areas:









This half term, we will be starting our Fractions unit.

We will explore the following objectives:

  • Understand the whole
  • Count beyond 1
  • Partition a mixed number
  • Number lines with mixed numbers
  • Compare and order mixed numbers
  • Understand improper fractions
  • Convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers
  • Equivalent fractions on a number line and equivalent fraction families 
  • Add two or more fractions
  • Subtract two fractions
  • Subtract from whole amounts
  • Subtract from mixed amounts


Times Tables:

Times tables are really important and by the end of year 4 it is expected that you should recall your times tables up to 12 x 12. In school we will be playing daily times tables games and there will be a weekly times table challenge called Rainbow times tables (This is a timed test. You will progress through the colours once you achieve full marks on each colour) To help you achieve full marks ensure you practice your tables at home too. Click on the times tables icon at the bottom of this page for some useful websites and games.


Here is a link with more information about the times tables test:


Here is a link to Maths Frame.


Science: Animals including Humans

We will explore the following objectives:

I can compare the teeth of carnivores and herbivores and suggest reasons for differences.
I can identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions.
I can describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans.
I can construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.
I can use different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions.
Obtaining and Presenting Evidence
I can set up simple practical enquiries such as simple comparative tests and simple fair tests.
I can report on findings from enquiries, including oral and written explanations, displays or presentations of results and conclusions



PE will be taught by Mr Hall and Mr Kelly every Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please wear your full PE kit on these days. Can you also please remember to bring in spare socks and shoes/trainers in case we go out onto the field where it can be wet and muddy. 



Our History topic this half term is called: Anglo Saxons, Picts and Scots!

We will explore the following objectives:

  • I can plot recent history on a timeline using centuries. (CU)
  • I can place periods of history on a timeline showing periods of time. (CU)
  • I can explain how events from the past have helped shape our lives. (KI)
  • I can appreciate that wars have happened from a very long time ago and it is often associated with invasion, conquering or religious differences. (KI)
  • I can appreciate how items found belonging to the past are helping us to build up an accurate picture of how people lived in the past. (KI)
  • I can communicate knowledge and understanding orally and in writing and offer points of view based upon what they have found out. (HE)
  • I can understand that people who lived in the past cooked and travelled differently and used different weapons from ours. (KI)



Art will be taught by Mrs Hibbert and this half term you will be looking at Printing by Karla Gerard

We will explore the following objectives:

  • I can print using at least four colours.
  • I can create an accurate print design.
  • I can print onto different materials.
  • I can create all the colours I need by colour mixing.​​​​​​​



Our focus for this half term will be Christianity and we will be doing lots of activities and discussions around our big question: 

How do the visual

arts help


understand why

the Last Supper

 is important?

Music: Orchestra

We have the exciting opportunity to work with the Liverpool Philharmonic and complete a series of lessons with them. This will then lead nicely into our trip: Schools Concert: “Going for Gold: The Orchestral Olympics” 


The trip will be on Monday 4th March in the afternoon. We are dues back to school later than pick up time but we will keep you updated on the day. 


The scheme of work will allow the children to develop knowledge and skills, linked to the national curriculum, and will enhance their experience at the concert.


Computing: Control and Programming

  • I can use the 'repeat' and 'repeat until' command/block to program a ‘bot more efficiently.
  • I know that groups of instructions can be named as a procedure.
  • I can use and change a pre-written procedure.
  • I know that procedures can call on other procedures.
  • I can begin to predict, program, test and amend longer sequences of linked instructions to achieve an intended objective.
  • I understand that many real-world devices (such as traffic lights, washing machines) are controlled using computer programs.


English homework will be set on Google Classrooms every Wednesday and expected to be completed for the following week. Maths will be set on My Maths every Wednesday and expected to be completed for the following week. 


Mrs Rashid :)